Recipient email adress depend of a field in ninja form



I’m trying to understand how jetflow work. I would like to send an email after a ninja form submitted but I want that the recipient depend of a field in the form. It is possible ?
Thank you, Julie

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Yes. Here is a brief how to.

  1. Create a CSV file with your recipients (use Excel or Google Docs). The first column is the value of the form field. The second one is the email address of a recipient.
  2. On the storage page create a shared storage. It will be used as an address book. Import the CSV file into the storage.
  3. In your workflow use action “Lookup record”. To retrieve the email address based on the value of the form field, specify that form field in the “Record key value” setting field.
  4. Now, in the next action, you can get the recipient with the variable {PREVIOUS}. For a email action, specify {PREVIOUS} in the “Recipient email address” field.
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